My practice departs from selecting fragments of stories that i edit or censor in order to reflect on what remains: a figure, a meaning or a memory.

Tensions between presence and absence plays a central role within my work. By applying subtractive gestures to the object i handle, i highlight and try to reveal details which are loaded with symbolic meanings. The «presence through absence» is used in order to shed light onto issues that belongs both to the Common and the Personal, and strives to always leaves the viewer with a «room for thought*»

Archival work and collecting documents is my processing work; might be filmic, accoustic, photographic or textual its sources are mainly extracted from the visual arts, cinema, advertising and viral imaging. These appropriations are deployed through different mediums as well as performances, installations, collages, films, photographs.

Each Work tries through their traces and lacunary potentialities to offer a meditative dimension about our place as human in this world. So emotionally, politically, socially, personally. In this sense, the notion of presence and absence plays a central role in my reflection and artistic gesture.

Daphné Navarre studied at Fine Art school Villa Arson in Nice, France, and Vienna (Austria) Fine Art school in Heimo Zobernig studio.

Her work have been presented since 2011 among others at the Palais de Tokyo « Singapour Marina Bay», Hunting and Natur Museum «Follow Me » in Paris, - at Villa Arson Art Center, Les archives Sauvages in Nice, - at Hussenot Gallery, « Blabla&Chichi on a boat », - Galeries Lafayette / Galerie des Galeries, In a Sentimental Mood, - in Marseille during Marseille Europeen Capital Culture 2013 «Performance, Empreintes et passages à l’acte», - 40 mcube in Rennes, Archeologia, - French Insbruck Institute in Austria, Celest im Berg, - Musée de l'Orangerie in les Nymphéas de Monet …

*Ed Rusha